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The Rebirth of the Singers


After Ms. Nanko’s retirement in 2016, many students began to quit the Cardinal Singers, which has left the choir in a state of disarray. Luckily, Mr. John Del Cueto soon picked up after Ms. Nanko and became the new choir director. Fast forward to the current school year of 2017-2018 and the Cardinal Singers have improved tremendously and they have been asked to participate in many events they were not able to participate in the previous years.

However, a major problem that the choir still faces today is trying to find dedicated members. Many students are under the impression that singing is a very feminine activity, but that is not the case. Singing is a form of emotional expression. Many people sing regardless of what their favorite type of music may be. Music is universal and can be understood by different types of people despite language barriers.

During Cardinal Hayes’s Black History Month celebration, many of the students were captivated by the songs that were sung by the Cardinal Singers. The Cardinal Singers do not plan on disbanding anytime soon, as their main goal is to continue expanding their community of singers, by introducing the art of expression to all newcomers.